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Perlavera Essentia collection is designed by combining basic modern patterns with the highest quality natural fabrics.

Bags and Belts

As indicated in Perlavera's story, we are in continuous search of uniqueness in design, perfection in make, and rareness in find

If genuine leather is present in your product, it will have come from animals bred for that specific purpose. We strive to preserve the balance of nature.

Python genuine is one of the unique materials for bags, belts, and shoes.

All our designs are made under the license of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who controls all the levels of the supply chain of Python genuine.


Scarves have been an indispensable accessory for women throughout history. The Perlavera scarf collection adds value to women not only with its colorful designs but also with the natural and rare materials.

Suede Jackets

The suede jacket is a must-have piece, it wraps your body with the softness of the leather. These lightweight jackets are timeless and out of season.

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