Bocars' Story

Bocars’ Story


Bocars was born out of its owner’s love of the European classics, the hobby of his life. Bocars’ owner Sinan Dundar, a mechanical engineer himself, was always drawn to the analogue world in which the classic cars were created using paper and pencil; “the direct relationship – not through an electronic brain – I have with my car is always a more rewarding and satisfying experience. The aesthetics, elegant shapes and flowing lines are the bonus. With the classic car, it‘s the journey not the destination, as they say for life itself.” quotes Sinan.


Bocars’ aim is to search and find European classics that are limited, not made anymore, with the character, the feel and the craftsmanship that reflect the mood and trends of their time. Bocars’ cars, they all have a history, some faced challenges some won races, and the traces in their bodies are the proof of the nostalgia that classic car lovers are all excited about.


Bocars is a Florida based company, buying, refurbishing and selling European classics, but firstly sharing and appreciating classics owners’ passion for their cars.