URART’s Story


URART started its journey in 1972 as a jewelry brand, setting meticulous research as well as aesthetic perfection as its founding vision.


The designs of URART interpret cultural richness through unique and modern lines, and resonate with audiences who appreciate authenticity, aesthetics and heritage. URART creates individual designs with high-quality artisanship and respect for the character of the material.


Over the years, URART created also contemporary and innovative ranges, still preserving its particular characteristics. URART’s aim is not to produce jewelry taken out only on special occasions, but to create timeless pieces that are always ready to be worn.


URART extended its creative talent to home décor objects of marble, bronze, silver combinations in simple but sophisticated forms.


URART has created products for, among others, the renowned Royal Academy of Arts in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. URART holds many international design awards.